These are the policies that have been ratified by the Board of Management of Wexford Educate Together N.S. Please read them carefully. Contact school secretary if you would like a hard copy of these policies.

The school community of Wexford Educate Together NS have been working on improving Numeracy skills within the school. The results and strategies for improvement are outlined in these documents:






The school community of Wexford Educate Together NS have been working on improving Literacy skills within the school. The results and strategies for improvement are outlined in these documents:






The Safety Statement and Policy for Wexford Educate Together NS has been ratified and can be accessed below. The Safety of the children is of paramount importance to Wexford Educate Together NS and this is clearly outlined in the Safety Statement.






Wexford Educate Together NS has created a document to give an overview of our school.




Wexford Educate Together NS is an inclusive school. It is one that respects, values and accommodates diversity across all nine grounds in the equality legislation. It seeks positive experiences, a sense of belonging and outcomes for all students across the nine grounds. Outcomes include access, participation, personal development and achieving educational credentials. The Anti Racism policy ensures that discrimination is prevented and combated.
Click the link below to view this document.




In our school, we treat all children with respect and therefore we expect the same respect from them. We draft class charters at the beginning of each school year with the children so that they feel like they have some ownership over the rules. We have a Code of Behaviour to enable all children to follow these rules and behave in a manner that is acceptable for Wexford Educate Together. Click below to view this document.




Below is a link to our ABCs. Although this is not technically a ‘policy’, it is such an important and informative document we thought it was appropriate to put it on the policies page. It is based on frequently asked questions about school policy on normal, everyday issues. Its main purpose is your child’s education, safety, well-being and security. Click below to view this document.




The Garda Vetting Policy and Procedures is a policy that was ratified by the B.O.M to ensure that every child in our school is safe at all times. Click below to view this document.




The Enrolment Policy of Wexford Educate Together is located below. This is the document you need to refer to if you are thinking of enrolling your child in the school. Click below to view this document.




The Data Protection/Record Retention Policy refers to all files/tests/reports that need to be kept on the school property for all of the students. Click below to view this document.




The Assessment Policy outlines the different ways that teachers may assess children’s progress in certain subject areas. Click below to view this document.




The E.A.L (English as an Additional Language) policy was drawn up to ensure the inclusion of all children in the school and provide literacy support for children whose first language is not English. Click below to view this document.




In June 2013 the principal of WETNS decided that a document to ensure continuity throughout the school and standardised teaching of all topics was necessary. Click below to view this document.




In the last term of the 2012/2013 school year we will be rolling out our RSE Programme for the first time in Wexford E.T.N.S. The Busy Bodies DVD is also available to borrow from the school office. Click below to view this document.




In Wexford Educate Together you feel the positive atmosphere and welcoming environment from the moment you step foot inside the door. It is important to us as a whole school that there is a mutual respect felt by everyone and shown to everyone. Our Positive Language Policy allows for this in reminding everyone that there is an acceptable way to speak to everyone. Click below to view this document.




It is vital to our ethos that every child is happy coming into school everyday. The old saying “School days are the best days of your life” comes to mind. Therefore we take all accusations of bullying very seriously and they will be investigated thoroughly. Our Anti-Bullying Policy which is based on the DES ‘Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools’, September 2013. Click below to view this document.




We understand that parents are the primary educators in every child’s life and the teachers here at Wexford Educate Together are simply “in loco parentis”. We feel that it is very imporatnt that all parents feel welcome within the school and that they are invited to come into the school and take an active role in their child’s education on a regular basis. Our Parental Involvement Policy allows for this to happen and allows parents to understand what is expected of them when they come in to volunteer for school activities. Click below to view this document.




We recognise in Wexford Educate Together that healthy eating is important for the whole school community and we encourage healthy eating and teach about good nutrition and health in both SESE and SPHE. Click below to view this document.




It is important to us as a staff and whole school community that every child and adult is safe in our school at all times. Our supervision policy allows this to happen. Click below to view this document.




We believe that every child should be encouraged to develop good routines from a young age. Good attendance in school and punctuality to school every day are vital for this to be achieved. Click below to view this document.




We feel as a school that ICT is a huge part of children’s and adult’s lives today. We try to incorporate this into our teaching and daily school life as much as possible. Our Acceptable Use Policy allows us to do this in a safe and effective manner. Click below to view this document.




Children attending school in Wexford Educate Together National School will be supported in reaching their full potential. This means mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. This support will be provided in an atmosphere where they feel safe and that they are listened to. This is why are Child Protection Policy is of utmost importance to Wexford Educate Together NS. Click below to view this document.




A Medical Policy has been drafted to help all children feel safe and let all parents have peace of mind concerning medical care. Click below to view this document.




Swimming is a strand of the Physical Education Curriculum under the revised National Curriculum for Primary Schools of 1999. Due to the fact that swimming lessons are administered outside of the school grounds and under the direction of a swimming coach at the local pool it is vital to have a policy where people can view our best practice. Click below to view this document.




About our school

Multi-denominational – children of all denominations and none are equally welcome into our school. Co-educational – Educate Together schools are open to girls and boys and gender stereotyping is addressed and challenged. Child-centred – this applies not only to teaching and learning within the classroom but to all decisions at staff and management level, which must have the well-being of the children at their heart. Democratically-run – parents are viewed as a positive resource for the school. Parental involvement is welcomed and encouraged, where appropriate.


Wexford ETNS Privacy Notice

Please see Wexford Educate Together Privacy Notice as ratified by the BOM in June 2018.

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